Your future Self Thanks You...

By Master Colleen Inman

Each day we are planting seeds for what we will BE and HAVE in the future... ​

Remember the old adage -- 'we reap what we sow'.

Here's a question..."What are you doing TODAY that is the seed of your future?"

If you're not quite sure of the answer or haven't given it much thought then perhaps one of my favorite meditations may help you prepare your future. It's called the 'seed planting meditation'. 
This meditation is practiced this time of year and is similar to what farmers do each spring as they look ahead to the fall and what they'd like to harvest and then plant accordingly.

Tai Chi Qigong for your future self...

To feel more balanced

We are the same. It's a time of forward vision.
Close your eyes.  Look forward one year, five years or even 10 years from now -- what are you glad you started doing?  OR, what is your future self glad that you STOPPED doing??

A few simple seed planting steps...
1) In your mind's eye - picture what kind of body and awareness you would like to have and experience.
2) Remove the barriers or obstacles that have been or may get in the way of your vision.
3) Take action NOW! Time is valuable (and you can't get it back) and ten years is right around the corner.

What will you do TODAY that your future self will thank you for?


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Are you and example or warning?
So many students and guests tell me they are in our studio just to learn, not to teach.
However, whats missing from this statement is the fact that we all teach. 
We teach every day, every moment.
HOW we live our life is a teaching that is either an example or a warning. 
Every encounter with a cashier at the store, a phone call, what we choose to order at a restaurant, how we choose to over come obstacles or not is either setting an example for others to follow, or a warning of how not live.
If we learn something, say qigong, if we practice it regularly - it shows. Others will see the lightness and greater sense of calm exude from the individual.

If we choose to neglect taking care of our physical body, it shows, and after time it takes its toll. We become a warning of what happens from neglect of caring for ourselves.
Keeping stress in our life shortens the telomere (end of a chromosome). "Shorter telomere length is associated with advancing chronological age and also increased disease morbidity and mortality."
The "practice of meditation is associated with longer leukocyte telomere length.” 
Teaching is something we do all day, every day - either by example or warning.
Will you choose to be an example or warning today?
How will you do it?

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All the space you need is actually inside you.
Have you ever said (or thought) "I just need some space!"
Needing space is all too often simply needing space from negative tension building inside you, and may be cleared with mindful movements and breath work.
Lifting the organs off each other creates space physically, slow deep breaths create emotional space, and visualization gives space from repetitive thinking.
Qigong's greatest benefits allow one to find space within amidst the chaos outside.
If you desire inner peace, personal power and freedom of self then qigong is the bridge you can take to get there in just a few moments every day with this simple recipe...
~Wake the 3 parts of self (body, mind, energy) intentionally each morning.
~Take a moment to pull back into your center in the middle of each day.
~Clear the days tensions each evening before bed.
We all have the power to create space, how will you create yours today?