Zen Wellness and Zen Yoga classes are offered in 3 levels of training and have the opportunity for teacher certification.
Zen Wellness training programs are from long unbroken lineage of direct teachings from Master to student:
  • Supported by an extensive Master's Council 
  • All staff does ongoing continuing education
  • Trainings for indviduals or instructors
  • Located in SCW for over a decade
  • Movement w/ alignment, Meditation & TCM
  • Biological Age testing available
  • We offer 5 element assestment for students
  • Offers local in studio and long distance online training
Zen Wellness:
"As a wellness community we are devoted to promoting a zen lifestyle by enhancing overall well being and focus on the whole person (mind, body, energy levels). Zen is an approach to a path and does not hinder ones belief structure, only validates.  
All lessons are offered in yearly and monthly memberships and designed to fit the levels of the practicioner in these three courses:

"Qi Fit " , works to restore the physical stucture, start to calm the mind, and balance daily energy through unlimited Qigong, Yoga, and Tai Chi Foundations classes.

 "108 Club" , for those who are more phsyically capable to create longevity. The 108 club slowly expands to more dynamic movement and introduces more thoery  during unlimited Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi 108 classes. Students in the 108 Club begin to flow and learn sets movements to practice for life.

"Master's Path" , students who are seeking to cultivate mastery over thier own lives. A true master is not about someone to bow to, it is about mastering a topic or knowledge of a subject.  Master's Path students practice in unlimited classes and week long immersion that include: Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Bagua, Meditation and lecture.

***Instructor Training***
Available to anyone who has completed 200 hours of Master's Path training focusing on either Qigong, Yoga, or Tai Chi and has interest in paying forward the lineage while helping others. Instructor training is optional and a seperate training. Some scholarships available. 

Zen Wellness in your school or business!

For over a decade Zen Wellness has been teaching youth, teens and adults the arts of yoga, qigong and tai chi to increase focus and production in the workplace or classroom.  Studies have found that individuals who practice Zen Wellness techniques tends to require less sick leave, have improved moral and reduced conflict.

Call your Zen Wellness specialist who will diagnose what will be best for your school or complany's needs.